Advisory Boards

Under the leadership of Dr. Aleksandra Vojvodic, the faculty and student advisory boards have committed their time and expertise to AWE.

Faculty Committee

Aleksandra Vojvodic, Chair, Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Michaile E. Rainey, Director, Advancing Women in Engineering
Dr. Susan Davidson, Weiss Professor, Computer and Information Science
Dr. Celia Reina, William K. Gemmill Term Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Dr. George Pappas, Professor and Chair, Electrical and Systems Engineering
Dr. Russell Composto, Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Student Advisory Board

Alisha Agarwal, Bioengineering
Kailey Blair, Materials Science and Engineering
Janavi Chadha, Computer and Information Science
Francesca Cimino, Bioengineering
Daphnie Friedman, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Hannah Gonzalez, Computer and Information Science
Divya Jain, Bioengineering
Annie Liu, Materials Science and Engineering
Hannah Lord, Computer and Information Science
Fahmida Lubna, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Allaire Morgan, Electrical and Systems Engineering
Anastasia Neuman, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Aarushi Pendharkar, Electrical and Systems Engineering
Tahiya Salam, Electrical and Systems Engineering
Leena Vyas, Materials Science and Engineering
Aishwarya Wesanekar, Computer and Information Science
Christa Simaan, Computer and Information Science
Fariha Tamboli, Robotics
Liah Dukaye, Materials Science and Engineering
Lilia Escobedo, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Naomi Maranga, Systems Science and Engineering
Nivitha Murali, Biotechnology
Rebecca Metzman, Computer and Information Science
Stacey Chen, Computer and Information Science




If you have questions about the AWE board or ideas for future AWE programs, please contact Michaile E. Rainey.